Graham Thrussell – Artist/Blacksmith


Born in the market town of Braintree, Essex, Great Britain in the mid 1960s Graham’s love of art started at an early age.

“I always loved to draw when I was a kid. As soon as I could pick up a pencil I would draw and sketch all manner of subjects”

As he progressed through school he wanted to be an artist but his father steered him into an Engineering Apprentiship, a trade that once learnt would provide for his future! And his father was right because fast forward quite a few years and combine the engineering and the artistic flair and what’s created is the sculptures that Graham is now producing today.

“All my sculptures evolve in the same way. First I draw them in my mind, I can see the finished work! Then I go over and over the design, how it fits together using my engineering background. When I start to build the piece I see the metal bars I weld together as pencil lines and the steel plate that I heat and forge and weld into place as the shaded areas just like a pencil sketch.”

“My Father was right because without that engineering background I would never have gained the technical skills to create my work.”

Graham’s portfolio is ever growing. His sculptures have been displayed and sold both in the UK and the USA. The subject of his work is varied being inspired by both the natural World as well as mythology and historical subjects, but what runs through all his work is that attention to detail that comes from the passion for what he does.