The Gardener. Our latest creation being sculpted in the workshop.


This particular Sculpture has been in my head for quite a while. a Gardener pushing his barrow,  i see him working  in the gardens of a large country house around the early 1950s. he is dressed in waistcoat and flat cap with his sleeves rolled up ready to get stuck in.

I love detail! he will have a pipe forged in the fire and notice the tobacco tin in his top pocket! he will also have a pocket watch. if time permits i will make a dog to run behind him!
him a dog to run along behind him.

He is made from steel plate, each piece is cut and heated and forged into shape and welded into place like a three dimensional jigsaw.

Like most of my work he is inspired by what i see around me, from history , from old photos , as i work a srory evolves and i can see him in the setting where he will finally be placed for all to see.


I am pleased to announce that  The Gardener will be on display and for sale at Pashley Manor Gardens near Ticehurst Kent from April onwards.

Thanks for looking.


Pond Safety Grills

Got young Children or Grandchildren and worried about them falling in your pond? Here’s a possible solution for you.

This is our latest cover we are working on. Seen here (below) being trial fitted before it gets painted. Once installed it will rest on brackets and sit flush with the surrounding brickwork.

Any design can be created if spiders don’t do it for you!

Pond Safety Grill

A story of a little robin and a Faery

Faery and Robin

We create all sorts of things here at the workshop. This Faery sculpture was a piece that is very special to us.
She has been exhibited in Galleries and Sculpture trails throughout the county and where ever she is placed the open palms of her hands attract both nature and people. Sometimes when we have placed her in position within a garden we watch from a distance, children will hold her hands and make a wish, we have seen adults doing the same!

If we are lucky a squirrel will sit in her hands but more often than not it will be a Robin! She is now at our Clavering Gallery and this Bank Holiday Monday we have a stand at the Standon May Day.
We were planning which pieces to take and of course the Faery was to be one of them. However we are very happy to announce that a pair of Robins have made a nest within the Faeries tummy (they come and go through a small gap in her back) so if you visit the Gallery please be as quiet as a mouse near her as mum is expecting little babies real soon!!!
The Faery sculpture won’t be moving anywhere until the baby Robins are ready to fly the nest!